Sunday, February 24, 2013

"Little Red Riding Hood" (LRRH)

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            The wolf ate Santa!  Silly, stupid wolf.  I guess it's a good thing I don't celebrate Christmas.  This entertaining, social cartoon shows the real reason the wolf hatched up the plan to beat LRRH to Granny’s house.  Consider this story:
Granny makes her granddaughter a red riding hood, which suits her so well that everyone calls her that.  Every day, her mother sends her on some errand; and every day the wolf sees her and wants to eat her.  One day, Santa is cutting through the woods on the way to the woodshop.  The wolf sees the red walking by and, thinking it’s LRRH, eats Santa whole.  Then LRRH walks by, and the wolf realizes his error.  A week later, he meets LRRH on her way to Granny’s house…
And the rest is well-known “history.”

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 Since I always like to add some related art of my own, here's a piece I did specifically for this blog post:

"LRRH and the Wolf" by:  Alyssa Zell

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